Most gym equipment is manufactured overseas for one simple reason, cost of manufacturing. Valhalla Strength Commercial Grade Powerlifting Equipment is one of the few manufacturers that actually produce in Australia (Brisbane to be exact). So what are the reasons we don’t outsource abroad?

We make our gym equipment in Australia because we want to provide the best quality possible.

Because we build from scratch and in our own venue, we know every single piece of equipment from the inside out.

Our gym equipment is:

· Designed by lifters for lifters (owner operator Scott Wasson is a professional lifter with national and world records)
· Quality tested in an environment second to none

We build gym equipment for gyms who want nothing but the best quality and a product that can withstand the wear and tear of today’s powerlifters.

Sure, it’s cheaper to produce abroad, and probably less hassle too. But we are strong believers in quality control! We want to equip fellow gym enthusiasts with the best products on the market and doing so at a reasonable price.

We love our gym equipment. And we want YOU to love it as much.

So, will we ever manufacture abroad? No.

But we will continue to methodically improve our equipment, based on feedback from professionals and the training requirements from our clients working hard on their best selves.